• 16th Young Leaders Conference
    The 300
    Karachi, Pakistan
  • 26-31
    Jul 2017
    16th Young Leaders Conference
    The 300
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The 300

To the 300, the awakened, imaginative, disciplined and dynamic; those who don’t surrender and stand dignified, even if they fail. They know and yet know there is so much more to know, they doubt their beliefs before others’ and they don’t let the voice outside drown the voice inside. They refuse to see the world in boxes and understand the systems in play, the world’s biggest challenges that are the true opportunities and the masses everywhere that need visionary leadership. And they don’t find the easier way but exert hard, they don’t sit idle but stand by their purpose, they don’t count days but make each day count and they don’t go alone but take others along. They live lives of choice and live even after they are no more. That’s the 300 YLC aims at this year.

Speakers of 16th YLC

1-Kamran Rizvi
Kamran Rizvi
    2-Umair Jaliawala
    Umair Jaliawala
      3-Ali Noor
      Ali Noor
        4-Ahmed Jehanzeb
        Ahmed Jehanzeb
          Ali Zaidi
            6-Asad Umar
            Asad Umar
              7-Jibran Nasir
              Jibran Nasir
                8-Yousuf Bashir Qureshi
                Yousuf Bashir Qureshi
                  9-Javed Jabbar
                  Javed Jabbar
                    10-Junaid Iqbal
                    Junaid Iqbal

                      Conference Fee

                      For National Participants
                      For International Participants
                      • Full access to conference program, simulations, sessions and social events
                      •  – 5 nights and 6 day accommodation at Dreamworld Resort, Karachi
                      •  – Daily breakfast, lunch, dinner refreshments and tea
                      •  – Delegate Kit (shirts, bag, and giveaways)
                      •  – YLC Certificate of Achievement on the completion of social enterprise projects.

                      If you meet the following criteria, we’ll be more than happy to have you on board:

                      •  – YLC is for the youth aged between 18-24. Bring along your valid CNIC or Passport to support the same.
                      •  – A completed YLC application form is required. Incomplete forms will not be considered. You can register for the form available online on our website www.ylc.sol.edu.pk
                      •  – A constructive & resilient attitude.
                      •  – YLC is an inclusive event and goes far in ensuring accessibility for participants with different learning abilities.
                      • –  YLC Alumni from any year are not eligible to apply for this conference.
                      • YLC Team will select the participants who have a passion to learn, a desire to excel & a love for sharing.
                      • – Draft and send sponsorship letters to organizations.
                      • – Get in touch with the team, explaining what they’ve done so far to raise the fee and the team will give tips on how to proceed.

                      * Please make a cheque payable to ‘School of Leadership’

                      Founding Partner

                      Cause Partners

                      Official Logistics Partner

                      Media Partners

                      Radio Partner

                      Leave a Query

                      If you have any queries, please feel free to reach out to us.


                      • Raza-Haroon
                        Raza Haroon

                        It is always a pleasure to come and attend YLC. At YLC, you not only get to meet the future of Pakistan but also get the opportunity to share and learn a lot of things. I think platforms like YLC are very essential and crucial for our next generation, for their learning and the best thing about this platform is the fact that they promote diversity by inviting people from different cultures, and from all walks of life.

                      • asma
                        Asma Mustafa Khan

                        YLC-I champ, I had no idea how it would feel until July 01, 2005. There was the moment to enjoy the fruit of months of effort. Watching 236 lives changing by every passing second was a dream come true! For me YLC-I was an experience far beyond my expectations. It has personally made me believe that nothing on this earth is impossible, you just need the will to do it! The whole experience taught me how to learn from the minutest things on this earth. My faith in my own generation has increased at least 50 times.

                      • suhas
                        Suhas Gopinath

                        My trip to Pakistan was spectacular, and most memorable indeed. In fact on my way back to the airport, I was missing YLC, my new friends who became very close to me, those colorful t-shirts, and this literally made me weep. I need to thank you and the entire SoL team for providing me the best hospitality and creating a home-like atmosphere.

                      • woman
                        Nida Mushtaq

                        Some days back a friend of mine sent me a text message and asked me about how was my experience of YLC. I didn’t reply her till yesterday because I wasn’t sure if I could put in words what I have got from YLC. Then I tried and my answer to her was: “YLC was full of learning, fun and friends!” And now I feel each of these three words inhibit thousands of treasures. YLC gave me the ability to “Be Myself” with holding my head high. It gave me the courage to Speak Up for whatever is on my mind and in my heart, it gave me the courage to do things my way and succeed. It opened my eyes to the abilities that lie in me for bringing success to my country and showed me the opportunities that lie for me in my precious country.

                      • woman
                        Shaima Khan

                        It's really impossible to explain what YLC has given me. Let's conclude it precisely as YLC made me a better human, made me realize my capabilities, allowed me to discover the unknown potentials & at the same time made me aware of my social duties. YLC made me elevate my life to meaningful platform. The teachings of YLC not only focused on the betterment of those 350 participants, but it made efforts to spread the word through multiplier effect.

                      • DrZeelaf
                        Dr. Zeelaf Munir

                        We believe that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and our iconic Pied Piper will remain a part of its journey, supporting the youth to become visionary leaders. Leadership is one of our core values, and hence it is natural that we take it as our responsibility to guide the youth in developing intellectual curiosity and becoming resilient leaders.

                      Dreamworld Resort
                      Gulshan-I-Maymar Rd

                      HURRY UP!!

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